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Dirty Garden Girl Review

Okay, so you’re sitting at a bar and you notice an attractive woman sitting near you. You talk to her, buy her a drink, and then as chance would have it and as humans are apt to do, you end up back at her place for a ‘nightcap. ’ Yeah, right, we all know what that means. She leads you to her bedroom and then takes out her selection of enormous anal beads and other extreme insertion paraphernalia. Do you a.) run, b.) offer to get some lube or c.) take yours out of your backpack? If you chose either of the final two options then you’re going to absolutely love the extreme action happening at Dirty Garden Girl. This is the site of the beautiful Donna Flower who, well enjoys gardening her holes and giving us a great viewing experience of single and double prolapse, extreme insertions, absolutely out of control ass play and all sorts of other kinky shit. Do you like extreme fetish porn? Well, then this might be the perfect site for you!

A great, sizeable collection!

Okay, so this is an extremely kinky collection for a certain subset of porn fans. That said, this site is damn good at what it has set out to do! In terms of quantity, you’re looking at a pretty decently sized collection – especially considering the sort of stuff we’re dealing with. With around 300 videos and about half that number of photo galleries, this is a great collection of extreme content. That said, you can’t actually take any of it with you. This site is streaming only (great quality streaming – don’t get us wrong) and this means you’re stuck viewing it right there on the website, or not at all.

The quality here is also delightful. There are multiple Voyeur HD quality settings but the only one you really want to check out is the Full HD 1920×1080.

The views of Donna and her friend’s prolapsed pussies are all the more magical with a crisp, clear resolution. Seriously, you’re going to go nuts about this stuff! Images also look great with plenty of high-res to keep you more than satisfied. Well, you’d be more satisfied if they’d just allow you to download the damn content, but hey, we already touch on that!

Site navigation is, well, absolutely as simple as it can be. The videos and galleries are arranged with the most recent uploaded displayed first. You’ll also find distinct sections. Okay, that’s it. What, you were expecting more? Some folks might complain about this, but hey, this is extreme niche content so keep it quiet. Sure, they should probably invest in a better search option but in general, it’s not too much of a problem. Still, this is definitely something I hope to see changed in the not too distant future. Additional features include a blog that gets updated with some regularity. If you’ve ever wanted to know a pornstars feelings about what they do, this is the star you’ll probably be most curious about! Updates happen with regular frequency. Normally you’ll see around three new videos and galleries added each week!

An excellent extreme insertion site for those with some serious kink!

If you enjoy this sort of porn (and if you haven’t experienced it, you probably should at least once, then this is definitely a site you’ll want to explore and get to know a little better. Tons of great niche content, high quality, regular updates – sounds perfect! The only thing that really drags it down is the fact that you can’t download any of it. They blame this on piracy, but honestly, they’re not doing themselves any favors with this policy. Come here for some extreme sexual content and release the kinky inner you!